frequently asked questions

  • how much money is needed for the new facility?

    The building project is projected to cost $4.2 million. Elim currently has approx. $1 million in capital for the project and is looking to raise $1.5 million at the Capital Campaign event in October 2017. Elim is positioned to take on a small mortgage if necessary and the leadership already has a mortgage written into the budget each month. The purpose of this is to ensure the church can support a monthly mortgage payment.

  • where will the new facility be built?

    The new facility will be on the south side of the Trailstone Housing Addition on the East edge of Cokato, It is located across Hwy 12 from the Lucky Kitchen restaurant.

  • How will the new facility better meet our needs?

    The new facility will allow for growth in all areas of ministry including student ministry, children's facilities, handicapped accessibility, whole-group worship center space, and outdoor recreation space.

  • will we still have two services?

    Because two services have been well-received and allow for greater flexibility for attendees, it is planned to continue with having two Sunday morning services. Our new worship center will allow for 400 seats, which is a change from our current space which offers 310 seats.

  • What is the earliest date that construction could begin?

    Should all the funding be in place at the conclusion of the “A Light into Future Generations” stewardship campaign, the proposed groundbreaking ceremony would be in the spring of 2018. 

  • When would the new facility be completed?

    If the new facility is constructed in a ten-eleven month time frame, the first worship service in the new facility would be in early 2019.